I am a video editor, animator and filmmaker interested in the mechanics and emotional responses to storytelling.  My practice often features the collision of seemingly disparate interests that produce unusually unique results.  This collision stems from a fascination with many artistic mediums.

Themes of introspection, isolation, communication and belonging are also weaved into several of my works.  The stop-motion animation Speech Symphony (2016) is a hybrid of exploring failed conversations between voices with experimental animation.  Attention (2015), a 1 minute sound piece, also explores this idea of a chaotic group resisting control.   I have also contributed to two Central Western school initiated film projects, Villages of the Heart (2015 – 16) and History Here (2017), which enabled school students to learn about their local history through narrative and documentary filmmaking.  On each of these projects, I take on several production jobs, occasionally appearing in some works as an actor or subject.

My practice is inspired by a variety of mainstream and independent artists working in film, animation and online media.  The polished craft of Pixar & Steven Spielberg, and the experimental approaches of Richard Linklater, Norman McLaren and George Griffin inspire me to produce unique stories and works.

I am currently completing the Bachelor of Digital Media at the University of Wollongong.  I have also completed the Diploma and Advanced Diploma of Screen & Media at TAFE Illawarra, in conjunction with my undergraduate degree.  My tertiary education has afforded me to learn about and engage with live-action filmmaking, animation, short stories, sound design, photography and media art.  I hope to continue engaging with these disciplines in the future of my creative practice.